Michelle Wrighton Photography | Copyright Notice

The legal Copyright ownership of all photographs, proof images, digital downloads and printed enlargements belongs to Michelle Wrighton under the Australian Copyright Act 1968 (as amended), this is the national copyright law throughout Australia.

Please note that purchase of prints and digital downloads does not constitute a transfer of Copyright ownership.  Purchased prints and digital downloads may not be sold, edited or altered in any way.  

Full Copyright ownership of images from equestrian events can be purchased from $500AU per image.  

Purchased images may be used in advertising, magazines, competitions or similar when photo credit is given (eg "Photo: Michelle Wrighton).

It is a breach of Australian Copyright Law to screen capture or in any other way copy, reproduce, print, alter or edit watermarked 'Proof' photographs on this website. Watermarked Proof photographs may not be used on websites, blogs or social media sites including Facebook and Instagram or used in advertising of goods, services, businesses or horses.  

Individuals or Businesses found using Watermarked Proof images illegally copied from this website


PLEASE NOTE: Individuals or businesses found using watermarked proof images illegally copied from this website without purchase including use on websites, social media or advertisements for horses, products or services WILL BE INVOICED AT THE ORIGINAL SIZE COMMERCIAL USE LICENCE RATE PLUS AN UNAUTHORIZED USE FEE OF $200.00AU.

The only acceptable use of watermarked proof photographs on Facebook or other sites is by sharing via the website with the photograph link remaining intact and clickable.