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Edgar Morgan Memorial Six Bar1a and 1b - 80cm Open and Kentaur Young Masters2a and 2b 95cm - Evolution Equestrian Open and Kentaur Young Masters3a and 3b - 105cm Ketteridge Stockfeeds and Ovarit Jumps4 - 115cm Open Table C Scurry5 - Ultra Modern Patios Bunbury Showjumping Classic Cup6 - Harcourts Bunbury  120cm Open7 Perk Up With Me Coffee 105cm Open8 - Kentaur 105cm Young Masters AM79a and 9b - 115cm Open and EWA Jumping Bronze Series10 - 125cm EWA Jumping Silver Series11 - 130-135cm Open12 - 90cm Open13 - 100cm OpenColonial Clydesdales14 - 110cm Open